When do the workshops start?

Check the workshops page for a full listing of important dates and deadlines. Click on the workshop you're interested in to see the details.

How do I get started?

After payment, you'll see a "welcome" screen that confirms your payment and includes a link to the discussion platform we'll use for that workshop. Click that link and you'll have access to your workshop.

How often is the content updated?

The workshops have new lessons unlocked every two days, but you go at your own pace through them.

Mostly, the community provides forward motion, with new content being contributed every minute or two throughout the day for the entirety of a workshop. It’s not unusual for a typical participant to give and get more than 500 pieces of feedback in a month.

Are the workshops accredited?

Proudly, no.

Accreditation makes sense for a certain kind of institution delivering a certain kind of education. But we're not willing to build a test-and-measure culture, not willing to embrace an ancient-yet-standard curriculum, and mostly, we're not willing to distrust our students.

Are there exams?

We're delighted to say no. And no grades, either. We feel really strongly that a test-and-measure culture is ruining education. More on this here.

Is there an affiliate program?

There isn't. We're hoping that if you find it useful, you'll happily spread the word to your friends and colleagues.

How do I contact you to ask a question about the program?


How much content is there?

It differs from workshop to workshop. The work you do with each other and the feedback you give and get transforms the experience.
In all of our workshops, there are videos from the instructor to kick off each of the lessons. The instructor will help with the structure, but the daily engagements are up to you.

Every lesson comes with a set of questions that challenge you to explore how the lesson applies to your own work, and a call-to-action: to share your answers and insights on the discussion board. That's the secret. Dozens of people sharing their work, generously, repeatedly, with confidence.

The workshops revolve around your sharing, your commenting and your insights. Our 24/7 discussion boards are a hotbed of connection and generosity.It's called a workshop because this is where the real work happens.

You'll soon discover just how much you have in common with others on this journey, even if they live in a different country, serve a different audience and have access to different resources. This diversity is hard to find anywhere else.

Can I post confidential materials on the discussion board?

The rules of our discussion board are:
- Contribute more than you ask for.
- Be kind.
- What is said here, stays here.

With that said, please use your best judgment. If it's not something you can happily post online, best to disguise the details before you post it here.

How much experience do I need to take a workshop?

None. These workshops don’t require prerequisites or prior knowledge. Bring your curiosity and generosity and that’s more than enough.

How do the discussion boards work?

We're using a platform called Discourse, a platform that supports group discussions and one-on-one conversation.The platform is divided into categories, each built around a lesson or group.

In each category, everyone will be able to create more specific topics of discussion, and to respond to the posts of others. These boards are open 24/7, providing a secure place to have conversations within the workshop community with peers from all over the world, from different industries and with different backgrounds.

We work in all time zones, but all of our work is in English. The host(s) of the workshops will participate in them daily to focus discussions, but there is no moderator or grading rubric—you'll be in charge of when and how generously you interact with others.

Once a workshop ends, the work you’ve done and the connections you’ve made with others are likely to have enough momentum to keep moving. Many students form mastermind groups or have other ways of continuing to support each other.

Will the host(s) answer all of my questions?

Definitely not. And the good news is that you don't need them to. The workshops are designed to give you a compass and a template, not a map. The map, the details of your particular situation… that's all up to you.

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